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About Paulette

Life is complicated...eating well shouldn't be.

Hi. I'm Paulette Kydd, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I've always been interested in nutrition and I LOVE to eat. However, the more I read about nutrition, the more frustrated I became. There was so much conflicting information in the news and I wondered how anyone could make sense of it all. I soon learned about the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and decided to enrol so that I could try to figure out the mysteries of nutrition for myself.

I 'devoured' the nutritional knowledge of my instructors and quickly developed my own philosophy of eating well.

My Philosophy

Our bodies are amazingly capable of healing themselves when given the proper tools. Good quality food is one of the most important tools we have.

Good quality food is whole and natural. Food in its naturally occurring state contains many components that work together to promote good health - something no single supplement is capable of doing. Of course, some supplements can be tremendously helpful but food should be your first line of defense.  

You can learn to really enjoy good quality food once you become aware of its amazing health-promoting benefits, and once you remove the not-so-healthy foods from your diet. However, choosing to eat well doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision. It's easier to enjoy your occasional 'treats' when you know that you're eating nourishing food most of the time.  You've heard it before: MODERATION is the key.

Eating well doesn't need to be complicated. Incorporating healthy, whole and natural foods into your diet can be easy, and fun, with a little guidance.

Lastly, remember that one healthy choice, leads to another. You just need to get started!


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