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Nutritional Assessment and Personalized Program

1. Assessment Part 1: $85 for 1-1.5 hour session. This is an information gathering session, where we will discuss your lifestyle and current eating habits, reviewing the forms that you have completed. At this point I will suggest some basic steps to better nutrition.

2. Assessment Part 2: $70 for 1 hour session. We will discuss the personalized nutrition plan that I create for you, based on the information from the previous session. This session will take place approximately 1 week after initial consultation.

3. Follow-up session: $40 for 30 minute session. The number of follow-up sessions will depend on the nature of your concerns and goals.

  • $195 total for assessment Part 1, Part 2 and one follow-up session
  • $175 if you prepay for all three
  • $40 for additional follow-up sessions (30 minutes)
Menu Plan and Recipes

I will create a 7 day meal plan to meet your specific needs and preferred foods. Recipes will be included. Initial assessment is required.

  • $50 - $75 depending on complexity of needs
Single Consultation for General Nutrition Questions

A one-time session with no assessment or nutrition plan is also available by appointment.
  • $40 for 30 minutes
  • $70 for 1 hour
Healthy Shopping Tour

I will meet you at your choice of supermarket or health food store and show you how to make healthy food choices and how to read nutrition labels.
  • $75 for 1-1.5 hour
Clean out the Kitchen!

I will help you clean your kitchen - of unhealthy food, that is! During this in-home consultation, we will go through your fridge and your cupboards and get rid of all of the foods that may be compromising your health. You will learn how to read food labels, and how to make more nutritious choices.

  • $75 for 1 hour
Cooking Lesson or Meal Preparation
Maybe you`ve been told by your doctor that you need to drastically change what you eat but you don`t know how to cook anything that`s not deep fried! Perhaps you`re struggling through a difficult time in your life such as recovery from illness and need some help preparing meals and learning how to cook nutritious food. Let me come to your home and share some cooking tips and even help prepare some meals that you can freeze for later.
  • please contact me for more information
Workplace Wellness Lunch and Learn

Enjoy a 1 hour seminar or presentation custom designed to motivate your staff to be healthy and more productive. Popular topics include: heart healthy diets, fighting stress, increasing immunity, weight loss 101 and nutritional label reading.
  • $100 for 1 hour
Phone Consultations

If you are unable to come to Woodstock for an appointment, I will be happy to provide nutritional counselling by phone and/or email. Please contact me for more information.

*Fees are payable by cash or cheque on the day of the scheduled session.

*Some extended health plans offer partial coverage for alternative health care such as nutritional counselling. Consult your benefit provider for details.

Nutrition Seminars at Home

Gather some of your friends and family at your home and I will bring a nutrition seminar to you! Choose from one of my topics or suggest your own. Minimum of 5 guests required.

Suggested topics:
Nutrition Basics and Reading Food Labels
School Lunches and Snack Ideas
Building Your Immune System Naturally
Gluten-Free Eating
Healthy Treats
Super Foods
Feeding Your Baby and Toddler
How to Eat More Veggies!

Contact me for more details on how to book your seminar!


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